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2. Oven Thermometer: There's a very good likelihood your oven is not the temperature it claims it's. Acquiring an oven thermometer in there to help you you know the way for making changes is large for baking. Get the Cooper-Atkins Oven Thermometer, or maybe the Williams Sonoma brand name just one is fine way too, but overpriced.

django-reporting - Django Reporting is an application which can be built-in with the Django Admin and means that you can create dynamic reports for your personal versions.

django-bmemcached - A Django cache backend to utilize bmemcached module which supports memcached binary protocol with authentication.

django-gtfs - Django software to load/dump and a lot more commonly manage GTFS transit details specification

djangocms-gmaps - The simplest way to embed Google Maps for the django-cms driven internet site. This can be a great way to display The placement of your enterprise or function.

django-supergeneric - django-supergeneric is a small utility library that gives generic aggregator for 5 most used generic sights for just about any design

django-debreach - Adds middleware and context processors to provide some safety versus the BREACH attack in Django.

django-dynamic-configurations - Modest module that enables you to produce dynamic configurations that may be edited Within the Django admin dashboard

django-encrypted-settings - Skinny wrapper close to Python keyczar bindings which lets you take care of and use encrypted options with your Django application.

django-compositekey - Use Django with embedded databases that have composite multicolumn Most important key and multiple foreignkeys

Why: If you read this the latest NYTimes article about how straightforward and worthwhile it's to make pizza at home and acquired psyched then just go on and get a stone!

Why: This isn't only for stock although if you ver want to obtain the very best Thanksgiving foods of your lifetime you are going to use it to make turkey inventory and place that stock in all the things — but commonly you may use this to produce big pots of pasta, stews, chili, large batches of soup.

templated-e-mails - Like django-notifications, but just for sending simple e-mail. Published since it is annoying to fork other applications just to produce an e-mail into an HTML e-mail

django-email-login - A Django application that allows you to have your customers use their e mail handle find instead of their username

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